I am Forrozeiro 

International festival of Forró Culture.


Forró For All 

Tradidional Brazilian music and dance.



Julio Brechó organize and participate to several events, concerts and performaces. Check out  along some produtions  by Julio Brechó Produkties.


The Forro For All offers a space where everyone can enjoy the Forró music, where practitioners can perform this dance  and where Brazilian musicians (or not) that have a repertoire of regional music of Brazil can performe, rejoice, make their work public and gain thereby bringing more fans and further spreading Brazilian culture.

The event takes place at Alberto's Studio which is located at Stadhouderskade 160, 1074 BC Amsterdam. Mostely on Friday Starting at 10:00 pm and ending at 3:00 am. Having as attraction Bands, musician thouw Europa and Brazil, DJs and workshops.

Check the program at website: www.forroforall.nl



‘I am forrozeiro’ is a festival with the goal to promote the Brazilian culture Forró. Forró is a mixture of regional rhythms and dances with influences from European, African and Native folklore.​


The festival will bring together representatives of culture in Northeastern Brazil and Europe.

The event will take three days with music, dance, films, workshops, debates, art exhibitions and food.


The project will run between 13 and 15 September in the city of Amsterdam in different places such as theatre rooms, concert halls, spaces for art shows, dance studios and public spaces

Check program at website: www.iamforrozeiro.com

Inspired by the book Lola and leasekat of Ceseli Josephus Jitta (Silver Granger).
Lola and Jan live together. They play together, they care for each other, gradually they become old. Also together. But one day fall to January. After fifty-six years is Lola alone. The days are long, there's no one to care for. She reads, she watches TV and she surfs the Internet. Then she reads an advertisement: Experienced cats offer coziness. For board and lodging. For any period. The next day a true cat Lola `s door with Lola life to share.

With the  performance “Orixás and the treasure chest of origin” Teatro Munganga takes its young public by the hand in order to look for our origin, our own identity together. The Brazilians artistic director of Teatro Munganga, Carlos Lagoeiro, has taken the initiative for this magical new performance. It is his wish to inspire children and to stimulate their interest into their roots and the history of their family. Lagoeiro travelled back to his own home country for research. He ended up in the miraculous world of the Orixás, gods from the African mythology. Inspired through his experiences, Lagoeiro wrote together with the Brazilian director and theatre maker Carlos Carvalho the script for a colourful, thrilling performance:”Orixás and the treasure chest of origin”. A performance for everyone from 7 years.


Theatre performance by Teatro Munganga



Theatre performance by Teatro Munganga